HTML 5 video players for streaming to any device anywhere

Local or global locations

Work with ICV Townhall Webcasting and we build, deploy, host and maintain the live webcast video player and portal for you. H.264 HLS streaming so your webcast can be viewed on any device or desktop. Flexible video players with high quality video, synchronized slides, chat, secure access and complete video production service. Our technology solution is understandable and complete.

Easy to share
Our streaming video players and webcasting portal provide you with an easy way to share your company meetings, townhall webcasts and all-hands webcast events with your employees, partners or shareholders around the world, or in your building.

Users can be required to securely login and register, you can import users, apply encrypted passwords or make the webcast freely available. Share securely first within your organization, share it later.

Full Control
Put the link to the portal behind your corporate firewall or on your public website. Our video players are responsive and resizable. Viewers using your Media Portal while watching the webcast get the same experience as those on site. Chat, social media and related document integration can be included.

Allow free access to all or some of your content. Publish your content on popular video sharing sites. Embed codes allow you to deploy players on your website or any website. Our developers build player and portal tools that we brand as your own so that you’ll have a single cohesive online presence. Our players are flexible and easy to implement. 

You don’t want to share something that is sub-par. We use full HD broadcast quality equipment and full time staff to manage your webcast. Responsive, no-attitude service and help is all you’ll get from ICV.

You can rest assured your users enjoy the highest quality webcast. We can be webcasting in a day if you’re local. Our web developers deploy the live player in hours. If you want, we post the webcast archive the same day for on-demand viewing by those that missed the live webcast.