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Live webcasting video streaming when you need it, where you need it.

In the US and Abroad

Conferences – All Hands Webcasting – Events

You receive a complete one price webcasting package including the live webcast and an on-demand streaming video archive. Our webcast services include all staff, video gear, custom web development, hosting and all technology requirements.

Worldwide Live Webcasting

Looking for live webcasting services across the country,  or internationally? ICV can help.
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San Francisco Bay Area Live Webcasting

Looking for Live webcasting services in the San Francisco Bay Area?
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Our full service live webcasting includes:

  • All video gear, crew and streaming

    Complete video production staff, gear and services

    All video streaming services for high quality global streaming within a branded player. The video hosting and streaming video delivery are part of your your All-Hands meeting webcast. We do not need any of your staff. At your chosen venue, our crew can easily deploy our mobile production racks and setup a complete live webcast in hours. Your webcast will stream to our mobile friendly, responsive video players and can include a secure login process (if required) with detailed user reports during and at the event conclusion. If you need an on-demand archive available that can be included with perpetual hosting.

  • Web development for the webcast

    No IT hassles, no added staff resources on your end.

    We can handle the entire process. Our mission is to make professional, enterprise quality webcasting easy for you. We include all web development needed. We can setup a unique domain name, you have choices of the style of video player that you stream to where your visitors will interact with you. We brand the player with your look and feel. You have access to your own Media Portal where you can store, manage, share and sell your live and archived on-demand webcasts from past events. We integrate the media portal into your existing web presence. We can import existing content and host it all for you.

  • User registration for the webcast

    User Registration and Management
    All of our webcasts include a user registration process. The webcast registration page can be launched the same day you decide to get started. Choose a style for the user login page and it can be public on the web or private. We can remove the verification process for public sharing. Using the registration and landing pages we provide, capture your user data before the webcast event and you have valuable user opt-in contact information. Use this data to email users reminders, info about future events they might be interested in, and follow-up messages after your events. We can import your existing users if you like.

  • Share or sell access to the webcast

    Public and private Webcasts

    Control who views your webcasts. Our media portal makes this easy to manage for us or for you. You can secure your video streams at the event level. You have complete control over the live and archived streams. E-commerce is also included as a modular option, Choose multiple registration payment options. We have a number of methods we employ to control access. Robust reporting on who viewed the stream, interacted with content at when they did that is all available. Even control access geographically. Use the media portal to send targeted messages and information to different audiences. Launch multiple versions of the registration landing pages to allow partners to sell access and promote your events.

Point to point webcasting

Point to Point Multi-Location Webcasting

ICV supports Townhall or All Hands Meetings with screen sharing in multiple locations at once. Europe, India, Asia and the Americas. bring them all together in one webcast. You don’t need a single location for the audience or presenters. Global viewers participate in the events, meetings and conferences with secure, custom video streaming.

Moderate Q&A, polls and chat. Participants in various locations can ask questions of the presenters and interact with each other . The moderator moves from location to location managing the participation. Complete viewer reporting is included.

How much does a Townhall Webcast cost?

How much does a Townhall webcast cost?

Cost varies based on the locations and the event type. ICV has mobile production Video Flypacks designed for Townhall webcasts. This allows us to be ready and onsite within hours if you are local to us and need webcasting in the San Francisco Bay Area
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Most single location, single day Bay Area Webcasts cost between $3500.00 – $7500.00 depending on the extent of the pre-production, venue equipment support and after the event archiving that is required.

Benefits of Townhall Webcasting

Webcast Benefits

What are the benefits of Live Webcasting your conferences, medical, scientific presentations, corporate training or events?

ICV Live Event Webcast services deliver increased attendance and usage, broader audience control, greater capacity and revenues.

Eliminate travel time and expenses. Provide worldwide webcast access to users that would not attend in-person. Provide on-demand access to video streaming training. Create unlimited sponsorship opportunities. Build a social webcasting community by offering virtual webcast participation with community chat, live polling and document sharing. Our clients lower their costs, and if it’s in their model, they increase revenues by using our Live Webcasting services platform to sell access. Webcasting is Simple, Easy, Secure.

Talk to ICV if you are searching live webcasting companies. You wont find a more full service, affordable media agency. Regardless of the type of video presentation, ICV Digital Media’s live and archived on-demand video streaming webcast services, webcasting media portal, social webcasts, web design and programming skills will meet your needs.